Business Plan Essentials For Newbie Entrepreneurs

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If you are looking to launch your own startup imminently, and you’ve told colleagues, family, and friends, the chances are that they have enquired about your business plan. Don’t assume that this is a mere scribble on a piece of paper or some generic template downloaded from the Internet to be filed away never to be seen again. Your business plan needs to be a working document and should be amended throughout your first year trading. Your business plan should help clarify your thoughts, mitigate risk and hone your business vision. Take a look at these business plan essentials that every newbie entrepreneur should be aware of.


Nearly every new business will require funding of some sort or another. Securing investment for your startup needs to be explored within your business plan. You need to work out how much capital you need to raise and what you will be spending the cash on. If you are heading to the bank to pitch for a professional loan, you need your business plan to help you present effectively. Hand your working document to those people listening to your business idea and be prepared to be scrutinized. They want to know that you understand any risks that come along with running your own business and they will be keen to look at your revenue and profit projections.

If you’re keen to explore investment from a business angel, your business plan needs to be even more exceptional. Business angels are experts within their chosen fields and don’t part with their own cash easily. They will be investing in you as much as your startup, so you need to know your finances like the back of your hand. They will want to see detailed planning and forecasting, not just monetary guesses. Secure funding from a business angel with a sound business plan, and you will have a readymade book of contacts and an expert mind as well as your much-needed investment.


Every company in the twenty-first century needs decent IT. Unless you are from a computer background, the chances of you being able to secure server space, troubleshoot and design a website are slim. Consider outsourcing your computer support so that your assets remain safe and secure. Cyber security is a vital facet of your IT nowadays so you need to protect yourself from spyware and viruses. Cybercriminals are eager to steal sensitive data and utilize it for their own gains. Back up your files regularly and utilize an expert to help you implement a cyber security strategy.

These firms will also act as your troubleshooting port of call. Working remotely, these experts will ensure that your downtime remains limited, that your WiFi remains on track and that your software does not become corrupted.

You also need to focus on your social media and online presence. Many IT support firms will have a branch dedicated to web design, SEO and social media integration. Take advantage of these functions and ensure that your brand has an enhanced online presence and real global reach.

Being an entrepreneur is tough. However, by following this guide, your business plan can be a real asset to your startup and help you to see it thrive.

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