A Quick Guide On Avoiding Work Injuries For Your Small Business

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You might think that work accidents and injuries only happen in certain industries such as construction and manufacturing; however, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere to anyone. The most common causes of injuries in the workplace are slips, falls, trips, and those that involved handling of materials and operation of tools and equipment. The most common injuries include sprain, strain, cuts, punctures, and inflammation.

In the workplace, the employer has a great responsibility of ensuring the safety and well-being of workers. Knowing this responsibility and making ways to keep it reduces the possibility of employees getting injured. This also means that you’re far from legal claims that injured workers may file to receive compensation from the liable person, which is you.

To reduce the risk of employees getting injured while performing their job, here’s a quick guide you can implement in your small business.

Keep A Clean And Orderly Environment

Slips and trips are very common in cluttered areas. Implement the ClAYGo principle, which stands for Clean As You Go. Attend to wet floors immediately and use a “wet floor” sign when cleaning them. Better yet, use slip-resistant flooring when appropriate. Clear surroundings, especially pathways of any clutter and make sure they are well-lit. Train office workers to maintain a clean workspace. Not only will it prevent accidents, but it will also provide a more conducive working area.

Display Clear Warning Or Caution Signs

There is no such thing as over-prioritizing safety. Especially in working environments where heavy manual and industrial labor is required, displaying warning signs is of the utmost significance. Forgetting or ignoring to display such can cause an accident leading to an injury or worse, an employee’s life.

Even a straightforward “Put On Helmet” sign makes a difference. No matter how simple this is and how safety-oriented your workers are, they need to be reminded once in a while. This is especially true if they are working on huge demand where stress can creep into their system, making them forget and be oblivious to simple things.

Provide Safety Equipment

Alongside displaying clear warning signs, you also need to provide safety equipment when necessary. If you’re running a vet clinic, provide lab gowns and gloves for when they’re in contact with animals. If you have a construction business, helmets, gloves, and safety boots are necessary. Depending on your business, providing safety equipment can greatly reduce hazards and protect your workers from injuries.

Educate Employees

Educating employees is the first step towards safety and well-being in the workplace. If everyone has the mentality of performing their job most safely, your company is one step ahead preventing accidents and injuries. Keep up-to-date on new risks and their countermeasures and inform employees about it.

Shortcuts should not be tolerated where workers skip steps just to complete a task ahead of schedule. Provide clear instructions and orderly processes to prevent undue mishaps. Educating them about safety will also create a culture of safety at work. Additionally, it is essential to reward safety. This will encourage employees more to perform their job while practicing safety measures.

This is just a simple guide on how to prevent work injuries in your small business. Safety should be at the top of the priority list of every employer; however, employees should also be educated and be mindful of health and safety hazards to avoid getting into an accident, which may cause injuries. Work-related injuries have a lot of consequences for both the employer and employee involved; that’s why the expertise of a work injury lawyer is essential. Reach for one today!

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