7 Ways Your Small Business Can Give Back

Give Back

Small businesses always look after their clients, their customers, and their employees. However, one area that can be forgotten is the community. The community, for a small business, is essential to lean on, so it’s so crucial that your small business can give back. Sure, it’s a marketing and PR win when you can. But sometimes, it’s not about headlines. It’s about being genuine in your efforts to give something to others. 

If you are looking to pursue a new venture for your business to be involved in, you need some ideas! One great example is what Cynthia Telles did when she decided to work on healthcare for those less fortunate. Not in the healthcare industry? No worries, we’ve got seven excellent ideas to help you to give back this year below.

Clothing Drives

Throughout the year, especially in Winter, those on the streets could benefit from community help. Clothing drives are a great way to give the less fortunate something to wear and keep them warm, and it gives those who donate a chance to give back and declutter, too. 

Food Drives

If you’re interested in setting a food drive, you can simply start by collecting cans of food and packets of pasta that can be distributed. Advertise to your community that you’re doing this, so they have a chance to help as well. Get as many people involved as possible. 

Highway Cleanup

Did you know your business can choose to take on a piece of the local highway and keep it clean for the communities to enjoy? It’s a unique way to give back, and one that lets you and your community see your efforts.

Toy Collection

There’s nothing quite as powerful for the soul as making a small child smile. From toy drive charities to running a fair to raise money for a specific local charity, you can organize an effort to make an impact for those less fortunate. 

Sponsor An Intern

Most internships are unpaid, but if you work in a deprived area, you could offer a paid internship with the possibility of a permanent position if everything works out. You can also offer college credit as a form of payment. Sponsoring an intern to work can also help you to discover a hidden gem!

Support Your Troops

Whether it’s a money tin or support packages collected and sent abroad, get your business involved in supporting the troops! 

Speak To The Salvation Army

Most Salvation Army locations have an “Adopt A Family” program, whereby you can focus your efforts on a family with a low income. You can pay for healthcare and food parcels, clothing, and shoes. Building an education fund for the children is another great thing you can do through the program. 

These are just seven suggestions that we hope will spark ideas for how your small business can give back. Yes, you will gain good PR, but do it for more than that reason. You will never regret holding a hand out to help, so don’t hesitate to be an asset to your local area. 

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