6 Ways To Improve The Safety Of Your Business’ Vehicle Fleet

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If your business is reliant on vehicles to distribute goods or provide a service then before long you may find yourself managing a vehicle fleet. When it comes to managing a fleet of vehicles, whether it be large or small, the safety of your drivers and other road users should always come first. So here are 6 things to consider to ensure the maximum safety of your business vehicles. 

Check the driving history of your drivers

This may seem a little obvious but the best way to ensure the safety of your fleet and other road users is to ensure that you employ people who have a proven record of driving safety. Vet prospective drivers to ensure they have no prior driving convictions and if they do carefully consider why they received the conviction and whether they have proven their commitment to safety since.


Provide additional training for your drivers

Even drivers who have been driving for many years can benefit from some refresher training every now and again. Refresher training is a great way to re-solidify safety practices and ensures that everyone in the fleet is driving to a consistent standard. It’s good practice to offer every new driver a driver course to ensure they are up to scratch before joining your fleet and then ensure that you provide regular top-up training as and when it is needed.

Consider installing Electronic Logging Devices

Electronic Logging Devices (or ELD’s) are attached to a commercial motor vehicle and synchronize with the engine to log all vehicle movements. ELD’s are now compulsory for many commercial vehicles, and many drivers that are not required to have one by law are opting into having one fitted as they recognize the safety benefits that they can bring.  ELD devices can also detect and report on any maintenance issues, faults, or malfunctions with the vehicle to help with service records. You’ll find answers to the Top 7 ELD Mandate Questions in this link.


Carry out regular maintenance checks on all vehicles

Proper vehicle maintenance is an important aspect of vehicle safety and it can also save you a lot of time and money in the long run as opposed to having a vehicle written off or out of action due to poor maintenance protocols. Encourage your drivers to perform vehicle checks before every trip and to log their maintenance checks cleary. Also, be sure to keep up with your vehicle servicing and have only trusted mechanics and partners work on your vehicles to ensure their longevity.

Promote a workplace culture of safety above all else

Profits and efficiency maybe two important factors os a successful business but safety comes first, and this needs to be something that takes pride of place within your workplace culture. Ensure that all drivers are aware that in any situation their safety and that of other road users comes first.

Gamify safety 

Gamification is a great way to ring visibility to a fleet safety program and an easy way to do this is to publish and reward drivers, districts and branches who have the best safety statistics. Monetary rewards come in as the most desirable kind of reward but awards and peer to peer recognition rank highly too.  

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