5 Tips For Creating Your Company’s Website

When creating a new company website, think about what you look for in a website. You want it to be eye-catching, but easy to navigate, you want the information to be directly available to you without having to dig for it. Both small and large businesses need a business website to generate business. The internet is the first turn in the search for services. So if you’ve got a business, what should you consider on your website?

Prioritize SEO Best Practices

SEO is what drives people to your website. Having an SEO-optimized website will result in attracting the correct target audience. SEO is the tool that will have your website show up on Google searches. That is where 39% of global eCommerce traffic is generated.

If your website is not SEO-optimized, it doesn’t matter how successful your company business model is or how many bells and whistles that you put on your website – if your target audience cannot locate it, you aren’t going to be getting business from the audience that you want.

A factor to take into account is the back end of SEO. While you might be using some of the right keywords, you want your business to appear on the front page of a Google search. When people are searching for results, it is typically the first page that attracts their attention because they don’t want to waste time scrolling through page after page. SEO optimization is a method that weaves SEO into your site in a tactful manner. Make sure to take time to research keywords that are of interest in your particular industry.

Make Your Brand You

This may sound obvious, but adding personal elements to your website can attract your potential customers. When looking for a business that they would like to select, many people take to heart a business that puts a ‘face to the name’, so to speak. People want to know who it is that they are working with.

Ask For Reviews and Ratings

Featuring reviews and ratings from previous customers can speak vastly to your credibility. Rating in any business is important. If your previous clients and customers sing your praises, you are more likely to have repeat business. Take for example, when looking for a care provider, according to a 2016 survey, 75% of urgent care patients reported their care as excellent or good. People are more likely to select a business with higher reviews, whether you’re just starting out, or if you are revamping your current website, it’s important to display multiple positive reviews.

Always Have An Updated Website

There is nothing more frustrating than finding a website, only to discover that it has misinformation or mentions services that are no longer available. Keeping your website up to date prevents customers from automatically closing it and searching for another business. Keep services, reviews, about pages, and always ensure that your company contact information is current.

Make Sure Your Site is Secure

Making your site secure should be a top priority. Customers want to feel confident that they are using a reputable website that will not put their personal information at risk. Since the start of COVID-19 alone, cybercrimes have increased 300% in the United States, according to the FBI.

There are a number of different steps that should be taken to ensure that any website is secure. It is essential for every business website to have SSL certificates. These create a secure connection from your website to the customer’s browser. Research and select a hosting platform that provides added security and always installs the latest updates. Oftentimes, passwords for the admins can be an oversight. Having strong passwords that are frequently changed lowers the chance that your site will be accessed through the back-end, keeping customer data safe.

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