5 Reasons To Let Your Staff Work Remotely

The modern business world has had to come to grips with a huge change of how things are done. Perhaps the biggest change of all is the way that people work. Remote working from home is becoming more and more commonplace, but some bosses – perhaps yourself included – still seem to shy away from it.

There’s good reasons as to why, of course. There is always the feeling that if someone isn’t literally on site, they won’t be doing their job. There can also be concerns about communication breakdowns impacting their role, meaning that your business suffers as a result.

The truth is that if you want your business to continue to flourish, it’s going to have to make these changes. Employees want – and in time, they will expect – the choice of working remotely. Here are five convincing arguments to why you should let them.

#1 – Communication Is Easier Than You Think

The possibilities are endless when it comes to communicating with an employee working from home. Provided you have the correct office phone systems in place, you should be able to conference call as many remote employees as you want – a phone-based boardroom meeting is more than feasible. You don’t even have to rely on internet connections. Communication is not something you need to be concerned with.

#2 – You Can Hire From A Wide Pool

If you insist that your employees live close enough to be able to commute to work on a daily basis, you’re limiting the pool that you can hire from. By allowing remote working, you can hire people from all over the country, meaning your business is able to benefit from the best talent that there is.

#3 – Remote Working Supports Families

For parents of young children, being in an office from 9am-5pm on a daily basis just isn’t possible. Not only is it difficult to be separated from young kids, but the cost of childcare can make it prohibitive for those who want to work. If you want to support those who can still work to their full potential but need to be at home, then remote working is the perfect tool to allow you to do that.

#4 – Remote Working Supports Those With Disabilities

Someone could be a genius, but utterly unable to share those skills due to not being able to attend an office due to disability. Remote working means you will be able to tap into unfulfilled potential, as well as ensuring a host of loyal employees who are glad for the opportunity that you have presented them with.

#5 – Work Will Still Be Done

The idea that remote working encourages laziness is simply unfair – as well as being entirely untrue. If someone has been employed by a company that lets them work in such an advantageous way, they’re liable to work harder, not less, so as to keep the job that has made such a difference to their lives!

The benefits of remote working for both you and your employees are obvious – so why not see if your company could be the next to benefit from the change in working practices?

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